What does Elexadent do?

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  • At Elexadent Dental Supplies, our mission is to provide high-quality dental supplies to dental professionals around the world. We are committed to offering a comprehensive range of products that meet the evolving needs of dental practices while maintaining our core values of integrity, quality, and customer service.
  • Our company values are deeply ingrained in our culture and guide our decisions and actions. We believe in treating our customers, employees, and suppliers with respect and honesty, while fostering a collaborative and inclusive work environment. We also strive to be environmentally responsible, by reducing waste and promoting sustainable practices.
  • Real success for us means creating lasting relationships with our customers, who can rely on us for consistently excellent products and service. We measure our success not only by our financial performance, but also by the impact we have on our community and the environment.
  • As a company, we are dedicated to continuous improvement, innovation, and learning. We aim to stay ahead of industry trends and advancements so that we can provide the most advanced and effective dental supplies to our customers. Ultimately, our goal is to be the go-to supplier for dental professionals worldwide and to make a positive impact on the dental industry as a whole.

Our Strengths

  • Elexadent is a Dental Equipment Company based in London, England. 
  • Utilising 30 years experience in medical and dental equipment management,
  • We specialise in offering Dentists and Clinicians, the latest in dental equipment and dental implants and spare parts.
  • Our products on sale have fulfilled the selection criteria for providing our clients excellent performance at very competitive prices and best value for money.

Our Challenges

  • We are constantly improving our product range to meet our clients’ expectations. 
  • In support of our products, we offer advice on selection, procurement, installation, commissioning, training, repair and maintenance for all our products.
  • We work with dentists who have difficulty in choosing the right equipment for their needs and best surgery fit. 
  • What we do is offer dentists a One-Stop-Shop utilising our experience in working with clinicians who have ‘been there and done it. What we guarantee is a specialist solution to your equipping challenges.


This means that all our dental clients can rest assured to have the best dental equipment solutions and cabinetry installed and fitted within budget and on time, optimising the best working space inside the dental surgery making our dentists work in comfort with faster workflow and to be excited about working inside their surgery every day of the week!