Comparison between Belmont and Linda III

The advantages of the Linda III dental chair over a stand-alone Belmont dental chair are as follows:
– Wider back tilt angle
– Rotation possibilities that do not exist on the Belmont, 
– Wider backrest
– Longer chair for better patient comfort
– Can lift heavier patients
– Fully Electric (Hydraulics on Belmont can be expensive to repair if it fail)
– 2 Years Warranty
– Colour of your choice
Minimum Chair heightmm487510
Maximum Chair heightmm787840
Backrest tilting angleo-3-5
Rotation angleo0325
Length (without headrest)mm15301520
Length (with headrest)mm16301900
Gross weightKg150145
Maximum lifting capability (patient + unit)Kg135135+75
Insulation classificationII
Applied parts classBB
Hydraulic Fluidcc900Fully Electric
We hope that the above information will help you make the right decision.