EuroDent Dental Units:
Elevating Dental Practice Standards

Why Choose Eurodent Dental Units

Eurodent is an Italian company, which has established a global reputation for reliability and innovation, as well as artistic flair. Eurodent was founded over 60 years ago and the company has grown considerably; the company now has divisions in different countries and exports products to several different countries around the world.The award-winning company is expanding all the time and new products are constantly coming onto the market.

The Eurodent Absolute dental chair is one of the most innovative and comprehensive units on the market; the unit has a modern, stylish design and is packed with features, state of the art technology and innovative solutions for everyday problems in a dental practice.The Absolute unit uses the latest multimedia technology, combined with innovative design and reliable, high quality materials to produce an incredible workspace for the modern dentist.


Mr. Armando Gatti

Mr. Armando Gatti

“Some follow trends. Others create them. For the last 60 years Eurodent has opened up new roads in the dental world. The first pantograph chair. Instruments with balanced arms. The Isotron dental unit by Giugiaro Design obtaining the Compasso d’Oro, one of the most prestigious international design awards. This suite of successes continues with the Absolute and the Isotron, the latest dental unit, from Eurodent. With all the history behind them and a whole new future ahead of them”


Top Model

The Eurodent Absolute Unit has a huge range of state of the art features, including multimedia technology, multifunctional foot controls, a fully adjustable patient chair, integrated hygiene and infection control systems.

The Absolute dental unit boasts the Wayfarer system, a new and unique software processing system. The unique system includes a graphic controlled LCD window. The user can log into the system and use a variety of different functions; data can be downloaded easily and the screen can be directly connected to an intra-oral camera.


Latest Model

Isotron is the new dental unit from Eurodent. Reliable, innovative and eye-catching design It is the ideal tool for those attentive to details and quality. With touch controls, it provides a hybrid between Absolute and Isoplus models.

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