Code of Business Ethics

Introduction by the Chairman

As a registered UK company, the Directors and staff of Elexadent Ltd. seek to provide an effective service to its clients.

Elexadent is accountable, through the Directors, to Clients requirements as stipulated in their client agreements and contracts.

Elexadent will conduct its affairs in accordance with all relevant legislation.

Elexadent aims to conduct its affairs responsibly and in an open manner. We will endeavour to maintain the highest standard of practice in all our work and in our dealings with those outside the company.

This code of ethics sets out how we intend to apply these core values in our dealings with those with whom we do business.

Maz Zeina MSc
Commercial Director
Date: 3rd July 2017

Management Commitment

Elexadent will do all that is in its power to conform to the letter and spirit of this code. In order to monitor its performance in this regard, Elexadent has non-executive independent advisors who are responsible for reviews of all our stakeholder groups through an independent assessment process, the aim of this committee is to verify our practice.

In order to monitor its performance in this regard, Elexadent has a non-executive independent advisor who is responsible for reviews of our stakeholder groups through an independent assessment process, the aim of this advisor is to verify our practices and it's conformity to the highest ethics.

Elexadent has identified five principal constituents with whom it has a responsibility: Clients, Employees, Suppliers, the Community and its share holders.

Clients and other users of our services

Elexadent treats its subscribers and others for whom it provides services with respect.

  • We Seek to be honest and fair in our relationships;
  • Seek to provide standards of agreed service;
  • Take all reasonable steps to ensure that reports, training and other services we provide are of a high quality;
  • Treat all complaints seriously;
  • Treat all corporate and personal information confidentially


Elexadent values its staff highly and respects their dignity and rights.

  • We will be open and honest with our staff;
  • Provide clear and fair terms of employment;
  • Provide clean, healthy, safe and secure working conditions;
  • Have a fair remuneration policy;
  • Strive for equal opportunities;
  • Encourage staff to develop skills and progress in their careers;
  • Do not tolerate any harassment of our staff of any kind;
  • Do not discriminate on any grounds other than the ability to work effectively;
  • Only employ those who are eligible to work;


Elexadent treats its suppliers with respect.

  • We Seek to be honest and fair in our relationships with suppliers including those from whom we commission work;
  • Pay suppliers in accordance with agreed terms;
  • Have a policy not to offer, pay or accept bribes or substantial favours;
  • Encourage suppliers to abide by the principles of our code;
  • Aim to procure goods and services from those demonstrating good ethical practice.

Community and environment

Elexadent seeks to be a good corporate citizen.

  • We will make sure that there is a clear public benefit in our programmes;
  • Seek to be sensitive to our landlord's and the local community's needs;
  • Try to protect and preserve the local environment;
  • Endeavour to support ethical trade in our purchasing practices.

Share Holders

Elexadent is accountable to the share holders for the use of their funds.

  • We make available financial reports to our share holders that are accurate and timely and give a fair understanding of the current and future prospects of the organisation;
  • Communicate honestly our policies, achievements and prospects.
  • When appropriate, invest financial resources in ethical funds;
  • Aim to protect Medontic funds, manage risks;


This code will be given and explained to all staff, including those who are temporary or on contract.

They will be expected to work within its letter and spirit.

If advice on the code's contents and application are required, the Directors should be asked.