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  • Dental Consumables

    Dental Consumables

    Dental Consumables

    Elexadent is the No. 1 for dental consumables and dental supplies for your dental surgery Elexadent dental consumables

    Dental Consumables Supplier in the UK

    Elexadent supplies a wide range of dental consumables and durables that support the fundamental requirements of dental surgery or practice. Our products are sourced from the highest standards of dental supplies manufacturers while maintaining affordability to our clients. Browse dental equimpent.

    Our Dental Consumables Catalogue

    Our range is constantly expanding to meet your needs. We use our best endeavours to list the full range on our online catalogue. Contact Us for any bespoke quote requirements.
    We have featured some consumables here. However, you can search our full list of dental consumables by either using the search bar at the top of this page and selecting the category of your search or by Advanced Search: [wcas-search-form]
  • Dental Equipment

    Dental Equipment

    Dental Equipment - UK

    Dental Equipment Supplier

    We have featured some of the equipment here. However, you can search our full list of dental equipment by either using the search bar at the top of this page and select the category of your search or by Advanced Search: [wcas-search-form]
  • Dental Spare Parts

    Dental Spare Parts

    Dental Spare Parts UK

    [video width="1280" height="720" mp4=""][/video] Elexadent is the No. 1 for dental spare parts for your dental surgery Elexadent is the No. 1 for dental spare parts for your dental surgery

    Spare Dental Equipment and Supplies

    If you are looking for dental spare parts in the UK, then look no further! At Elexadent we provide a wide selection of dental spare parts at only the most competitive prices on the UK market, we ensure that we offer only the best value for money. Along with the best service and after-sales support, we’re renowned for our renowned reputation in the UK dental industry.

    Buy Dental Spare Parts

    At Elexadent our professionals provide a wide range of dental spare parts that will support your dental equipment lifecycle, ensuring they last and work to their full capacity at all times. Our dental parts will meet the requirements of your dental surgery or practice. All of our products are sourced to only the highest standards when it comes to dental spare parts and we only use quality manufacturers who can also maintain affordability to our clients. For dental professionals, Elexadent plays a strong part when it comes to sourcing all types of Dental Spare Parts and this is in addition to a wide range of dental spare parts which are usually available in-store. Our selection is constantly expanding to meet our client base needs and we use our best endeavours to include the full range on our online catalogue.

    Spare Parts for Dentists

    We supply a wide range of dental spare parts from the Elexa® Dental Chair Spare Parts as well as OMS Dental Chairs Spare Parts. Elexadent endeavours to source dental spare parts from other major manufacturers of dental chairs as well as generic suppliers of parts such as Durr, Metasys, Cattani, Faro, Bien Air, TKD, Coxo and others.

    Our Dental Spare Part Product Range…

    • Acteon Spare Parts
    • Bambi Spare Parts
    • Dental Batteries
    • Cattani Spare Parts
    • Durr Spare Parts
    • Elexa Spare Parts
    • Faro Fittings
    • Faro Instruments
    • Faro Spare Parts
    • Light Cure Spare Parts
    • Medtronic Spare Parts
    • Metasy Spare Parts
    • MK Dent Dental Handpiece Tubing
    • MK Dent Dental Replacement Cartridge
    • MK Dent LED
    • MK Dent Quick Connector
    • MK Dent Ultrasonic Scalertip
    • MK Dent Xenon
    • Mocom Spare Parts
    • OMS Spare Parts
    • TKD Spare Parts
    • Woodpecker Spare Parts

    For Dental Spare Parts and across the UK, call Elexadent

    For dental spare parts, Elexadent, are your #1 dental supply company, we stock the a range of equipment spare parts for dentists, you can purchase today, or feel free to contact our dental expert team for more information. Search Our Spare Parts Catalogue: We have featured some spare parts here. However, you can search our full list of dental spare parts by either using the search bar at the top of this page and selecting the category of your search or by Advanced Search: [wcas-search-form]
  • Dental Surgery

    Dental Surgery

  • Dental Technology

    Dental Technology

    Dental Technology Equipment

    Elexadent offers the latest range in dental technological equipment that make dentists work faster and more efficiently.
  • Dentium Dental Implants

    Dentium Dental Implants

    Dentium Logo

    Dentium Dental Implants

    Elexadent is the Dentium supplier in the UK since Jan 2022. Dentium Co., Ltd. was founded in South Korea in June 2000 as the first company to successfully achieve the S.L.A. (Sandblasting with Large grits and Acid etching) surface treatment technology. Ever since its establishment, Dentium has collaborated with leading clinicians, research institutes, and universities to develop and offer the state-of-the-art products to make dental implant surgeries easier and more predictable. Dentium’s products are developed by industry leaders backed by unprecedented hours of research and long-term clinical documentation. To ensure that Dentium offers products highest quality, Dentium attained the ISO13485 and CE (Europe) certifications and met the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) set forth by many countries worldwide, including the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

    Why Dentists prefer Dentium products:

    "The Dentium Superline II implant system is the ideal choice for dentists who want to provide their patients with the most advanced implant technology available. Unlike other implant systems, Superline II is designed from prosthodontics, periodontics, and minimalistic principles, ensuring that it provides the best possible results for each patient. Our surgical kit is also designed with a focus on patient comfort and safety. With short drills for the posterior area and long drills for the anterior area, clinicians can confidently place implants without the risk of drilling beyond any given depth, such as a sinus, nerve canal, adjacent tooth root proximity, or concavities of the mandibular ridge. Our implant system is compatible with drill stops, giving clinicians additional assurance. Our implant system is also optimized for bone density and depth of implant placement. Unlike other implant systems that require bone tapping, our implant has 3 cutting flutes from the apical to ​the ​coronal aspect of the implant, creating a more precise and efficient osteotomy that minimizes bone removal. Additionally, our implant threads are thinner and longer, providing intimate bone contact on the top and bottom of the implant threads to accelerate osseointegration and increase stability. The dual abutment stability of our implant connection provides greater stability and reduces micromovement. With Dentium Superline II implants, clinicians can confidently provide their patients with a superior implant solution that offers exceptional performance and long-term results.​"
    • Simplicity & Predictability based on EVIDENCE
    • 15 Years of Clinical Evidence, designed with S.L.A. Surface (Sandblasted with Large grit and Acid etched) excellent bone preservation.
    • A single abutment connection is used for all implant diameters (SuperLine & IMPLANTIUM).
    • One abutment screw fits all abutments and fixture platforms.

    Download Dentium Catalogues:

    SuperLine Dentium Catalogue

    Super Line Catalogue