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Eurodent dental chairs are made with your posture health in mind. It takes your most ergonomic working position into the best consideration to safeguarding your back.

The highly advanced, innovative hygienic innovation of Eurodent dental units allows you to save a great deal of time and ensures an exceptionally high level of patient safety.

Eurodent dental units are made entirely in Italy and offer maximum quality, reliability and ergonomics, making them ideal to suit every requirement.

Eurodent dental chairs can be customised to meet any set of individual requirements. Find the combination that you prefer and that encapsulates your personal style.

Eurodent dental chairs can meet your budget while not compromising on your choice for quality, style and functionality. Best price comparison guaranteed on high class and chic units.

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Absolute takes Eurodent’s great tradition and moves it forward.It is a new generation dental unit that develops the Eurodent concept of work with great attention to detail and quality of dental treatment.Isotron neutra


Isotron is the new dental unit from Eurodent. Reliable, innovative and eye-catching design It is the ideal tool for those attentive to details and quality. With touch controls, it provides a hybrid between Absolute and Isoplus models.Isoplus neutral


Isoplus derives it’s beauty from great design. It’s technology is simple, intuitive, practical, functional and ergonomic. Like the dental console, perfectly balanced for maximum freedom of movement. Can be configured with hanging cables. CHIC & TECH.sprido


Oasi our entry level dental unit that offers professionals the perfect mix of technology, design and reliability. It is a complete, functional system equipped with avant-garde technology, reliable hygiene devices and high performance instruments.

What Others Say

“Absolute thinks about the health of us dentists. It allows us to sit correctly, to have optimal visuals and to work better. Compared with other dental units on the market, only Absolute can offer such a comprehensive mix of balanced ergonomic solutions.”

Dr. Peter Fischler

Nuremberg Germany

“Eurodent knows how important it is for me to have relaxed, satisfied patients during treatment. This safe, comfortable dental unit helps me gain the trust of my customers.”

Dr. Maurice Soudry

Marseille France

Some follow trends. Others create them. For the last 60 years Eurodent has opened up new roads in the dental world. The first pantograph chair. Instruments with balanced arms. The Isotron dental unit by Giugiaro Design obtaining the Compasso d’Oro, one of the most prestigious international design awards. This suite of successes continues with the Absolute  and the Isotron, the latest dental unit, from Eurodent. With all the history behind them and a future ahead of them. 

Mr. Armando Gatti

President of EURODENT Italy

What Makes EURODENT Exquisite

You can be sure of the highest quality of European component design, built to the most rigorous standards, presented in a sleek and chic Italian design.

Isotron ambientataISOTRON by EURODENTOur Latest Edition

ISOTRON was the product of market demand for a solid unit that has the electronic intuitiveness  of the Absolute model, famous for it’s wide ranging capabilities of dental functions and procedures, built within a lighter and more affordable dental unit stemming from the Isoplus model design and success.

isoos oral surgeryISO/OS ORAL SURGERY by EURODENTSurgical Studio

ISO/OS: Your Integrated Surgical Studio

An ambitious project that Eurodent has designed for professionals looking for the best instruments and equipment in the oral surgery field.

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