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Artificial light never been so similar to sun light!
In order to achieve the best results under safety and health conditions, dentists need to operate in a clear view environment.

Given its composition, it has been verified that sunlight would be the best lighting source ever since it allows the perceptions of every small detail in objects and figures, as well as a perfect rendering of colours. An artificial light that is qualitatively similar to that of the sun would be the ideal solution to allow dentists to get a clear view and facilitate their job.

What is the sunlight spectrum?

The white light that penetrates the human eye is composed of a mixture of wavelengths. The entire field of wavelengths is called “spectrum”. The spectrum of the sun shows a homogeneous distribution of wavelengths allowing a clear and real vision of what surrounds us. Whereas, the most common LED lighting sources are today characterised by a discontinuous spectrum that cannot guarantee the same sunlight quality. The ALYA lamp by FARO sets a new state of the art of LED technology, the present and the future of shadowless and uniformity of lighting for dental medical use. ALYA, made in Italy by Faro, is the lamp designed for the needs of both doctor and patient. Highly technological and attractive design makes it a perfect synthesis of functionally and aesthetics.

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