NR Line Dental Implants Impression of the Dual Abutment and Abutment Level Double Square [Dual Abutment] Round Dual Abutment Components of the Abutment Level Impression Temporary Abutment – Fixture Level Impression Dual / Dual Milling / Angled / Metal-Casting / Fixture Level Impression Components Temporary Abutment Dual Milling Abutment Metal Casting Abutment) 17 Angled Screw Abutment 30)8 Screw Abutment Impression Components 4 Screw Abutment – Abutment Level Impression 28 31 Impression of the mini ball attachment’s abutment level Angled Mini Ball Attachment Ball Attachment, Mini Prosthetic with magnetic attachment and laboratory tool

Abutment screw with 01.9 hole size for occlusion in NR Line Product Catalog. Two Abutments For narrow ridges, NR Line Dental Implants the Body 03.1 fixture is particularly helpful. High occlusal stress is well-suited for Platform 04.3 fixture. Limit the loss of bone and gingival tissue long-thread design The initial stability is increased by the extended thread design. soft tissue and bone Compatible with the level of bone and tissue Connection that is strong and stable (internal 10° taper and double square shape) Less screw, abutment & fixture fracture Tight sealing is guaranteed by the 10° taper and double square shape at the implant-abutment interface. square twice.


NR Line Dental Implants Product Catalog for NR Line 17 Technique for Impression and Restoration Selection Level Impression of a Dual/Dual Milling/Angled/Metal-Casting/Temporary Abutment Fixture Open Tray Method Technique with a closed tray (complication case) (Simple case) Pick-up that is double-square and round in impression Square and round doubles Transfer with a Double Square Round Impression £J Square and round doubles Using two mills Square and round doubles Square and round doubles Square and round doubles Square and round doubles Modification Double Square/Round Modification Restoration Using Cement Restoration Using Screws.

Dual Milling Abutment Abutment screw is included in the NR Line Product Catalog. Round two rounds two rounds Square Double Round square square square twice square twice square twice Two Rounds Square Square Square Double Round Double Round ^ 1) The NR Line Dental Implants abutment height will be 1 mm longer after assembly if the NR Line fixture with size 03.1 straight type is utilized than other sized fixtures. 2) It is advised to retain the dual milling abutment with fixture torque level at 20 N-cm.

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