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Elexadent is the No. 1 for dental spare parts for your dental surgery

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Elexadent supplies a wide range of dental spare parts that support the all your dental equipment lifecycle requirements of the dental surgery or practice. Our products are sourced from the highest standards of dental spare parts manufacturers while maintaining affordability to our clients.

Elexadent plays a strong part in sourcing all types of Dental Spare Parts in addition to its wide range of dental spare parts available in store. Our range is constantly expanding to meet your needs. We use our best endeavours to list the full range on our online catalogue. 

We supply a wide range of dental spare parts from the Elexa® Dental Chair Spare Parts as well as OMS Dental Chairs Spare Parts. Elexadent endeavours to source dental spare parts from other major manufacturers of dental chairs as well as generic suppliers of parts such as Durr, Metasys, Cattani, Faro, Bien Air, TKD, Coxo and others.

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