Dental Surgery

Elexadent supplies a wide range of Dental Surgical Equipment used to facilitate Endodontic, canal preparation treatments, Implantology and Electric Dental Diathermy.

We also supply Implant Surgical Kits.

  • Electrosurgery

    Electrosurgery (1)

    Electron (ART-E1) Electrosurgery System
  • Endo Surgery

    Endo Surgery (3)

    Endo Surgery

    Our range of Endodontic equipment manufactured by IONYX are used by the general practitioners who are devoted to improving the quality of their treatments as well as the comfort of their patientsIONYX is one of the most widely recognized brands used by Specialist Enodontics for its reliability and ease of use in the Work Dental Endodontic speciality.
  • Implant Surgery

    Implant Surgery (6)