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  • Dental Amalgamators

    Dental Amalgamators (4)

  • Dental Cabinetry

    Dental Cabinetry (5)

    Dental Cabinetry

    Loran_Dental Cabinetry_vela_introWe supply a wide range of Italian manufactured Dental Surgery Cabinetry as well as Dental Laboratory Cabinetry.The UK manufactured cabinetry with bespoke fittings are also available.Italian cabinetry is made of metal frames while the UK cabinetry is available in both metal and wooden frames based on your requirements.Surfaces can be of a wide range of tops from Corian to Laminate tops to meet your expectations.

    Dental Surgery Cabinetry Catalogues:

    High-End Range:  Vela Range Catalogue (Download)Mid-Range: ALA-LUNA Range Catalogue (Download)Economy-Range: ARMONYA Range Catalogue (Download)

    Dental Lab Cabinetry Catalogue

  • Dental Chairs

    Dental Chairs (24)

    Elexadent is home to the Elexa® (UK) brand of dental chairs and markets the OMS range of Italian dental units

    Dental Chairs

    Looking for the best deal on dental chairs in the UK? Look no further! Elexadent provides the best wide selection of dental chair models at the most competitive price in the UK market, offering the best value for money. Coupled with the best service and after sales support from a company renowned for its high reputation in the UK dental industry.Elexa® is our own UK brand of dental equipment and accessories. Designed by Elexadent for the UK market and manufactured completely in Europe from European components. Our Elexa® brand of manufactured products offers our clients the best level of affordability without compromise on the highest expectations of UK standards that dentists deserve.We also offer the full range of OMS Italian dental chairs.
  • Dental Compressors

    Dental Compressors (94)

    Dental Compressors

    Our dental air compressors range offer robust, powerful, durable, and efficient medical grade compressed air.
    Our range from Durr Dental, Metasys and Bambi are compliant with medical compressed air regulations suitable for dental clinics, hospitals, pharmaceutical industries, electronic assembly facilities, food industry, and other clean air facilities.
  • Dental Decontamination

    Dental Decontamination (52)

    Dental Decontamination Equipment range for your practice to be compliant with CQC Regulations
  • Dental Handpieces

    Dental Handpieces (756)

    Dental Handpieces

    Check out our range of dental handpieces and micromotors from Bien Air, Faro, TKD, as well as our own Elexa® brand of dental handpieces.
  • Dental Lab

    Dental Lab (79)

    ELEXADENT dealer for MANFREDI in UK

    Dental Lab Equipment:

    High Technology Dental Lab Equipment and Machines of Italian Manfredi expanding since 1968.
  • Dental Laser

    Dental Laser (2)

    Dental Laser

    Elexadent dental supply company specializes in dental laser equipment and accessories for the mild oral treatments of gum and tooth health. Check out the reasons why dentists are opting for laser treatments to their patients.
  • Dental Light Cure

    Dental Light Cure (64)

    Dental Light Cure

    Dental light cures used as a stand alone curing light. They come in two types:Wireless or Cable Connected.
  • Dental Scalers

    Dental Scalers (233)

    Dental Scalers

    Elexadent Scalers are manufactured by the latest technology available from ACTEON® SATELEC® (France) as well as ROLENCE® (Taiwan)
  • Dental Suction

    Dental Suction (81)

    Dental Suction

    The full range of Dental Suction Equipment available at Elexadent UK by Durr, Metasys and Cattani
  • Dental Surgery

    Dental Surgery (21)

    Dental Surgery

    Elexadent supplies a wide range of Dental Surgical Equipment used to facilitate Endodontic, canal preparation treatments, Implantology and Electric Dental Diathermy.We also supply Implant Surgical Kits.
  • Dental X-ray

    Dental X-ray (373)