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Looking for the best deal on dental chairs in the UK, look no further!
Elexadent provides the best wide selection of dental chair models at the most competitive price in the UK market, offering the best value for money. Coupled with the best service and after sales support from a company renowned for its high reputation in the UK dental industry.

Dental Chairs for Sale 

When it comes to dental chairs, it essential to choose a dentist chair that will enhance your performance as a dentist. At Elexadent, the dental chairs we provide are simple, sophisticated and safe, whilst incorporating innovative technology. Our dental chairs are designed to provide a stable position that facilitates ease of access for dental professionals. When you choose a dental chair from Elexadent you’ll have the ability to carry out dental procedures quickly and accurately without compromising your patients safety and comfort. 

Elexa® Chairs

Elexa® is our own UK brand of dental equipment and accessories. Designed by Elexadent for the UK market and manufactured completely in Europe from European components.

Our Elexa® brand of manufactured products offers our clients the best level of affordability without compromise on the highest expectations of UK standards that dentists deserve. We also offer the full range of OMS Italian dental chairs.

What to consider before choosing a new dental chair

  • Your current or previous dental chair should be assessed
  • The position of the treatment units and the lights should be considered
  • The position of other treatments like cabinets and wash basins
  • The distance between the treatment units and other dental practic equipment
  • The position of the sterilising room
  • Multimedia components and the appropriate measures regarding their positions

Why choose Elexa® Chairs?

When it comes to Elexa® dental chairs they provide exceptional patient comfort, this is through pressure mapping, unique cushioning to reduce pressure points and comfortable support across the patients entire body. Motion is also essential to your patients comfort, our dental chairs synchronise chair movements with the natural motion of the patient. The chairs we provide also come with great access features, with a thin but effective backrest and a slim profile headrest which provides more leg room under the chair so you can position the patient low enough for access, this also promotes less strain and fatigue. 

For Dental Chairs, call Elexadent

For dental chairs, Elexadent, are your #1 dental supply company, we stock the dental chairs, you can purchase today, or feel free to contact our dental expert team for more information.

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    Belmont Chairs

    Belmont Dental Chairs

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    Belmont Stools

  • Elexa® Dental Units

    Elexa® Dental Units

    Elexa® Dental Units

    Elexa® Dental Chairs are our brand of dental chairs designed and registered in the UK, manufactured in Europe.
    Elexa® is a Specialist Dental Equipment (UK) Brand Offering:
    - Top Quality Promise - Excellent Pricing - Fast Responsiveness - Resilient After Sales Team - Constantly Innovative - Advancing Leadership Elexa® utilises the best in European components, design and manufacturing capabilities while offering an economical solution which meets the UK Dentists high standards of expectations.
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    Eurodent Dental Chairs

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