Dental Air Compressors

Experience Excellence in Compressed Air: Explore Our Dental Air Compressors Range

Durr Clinic compressor P12000 50Hz

Explore Our Dental Air Compressors Range

Our dental air compressors range offers robust, powerful, durable, and efficient medical-grade compressed air.

Our range from Durr DentalMetasysCattani and Bambi compressors are compliant with medical compressed air regulations and suitable for dental clinics, hospitals, pharmaceutical industries, electronic assembly facilities, the food industry, and other clean air facilities.

  • Bambi Compressors

    Bambi Compressors

    45 products

    BAMBI "Silent" Air Compressors

    All models available with an auto-drain. Please contact us for lead time.
    Bambi Wheel Kit BPB0157
  • Cattani Compressors

    Cattani Compressors

    225 products
    Cattani Dental Compressors offer a great value with high reliability coupled with a 5 years warranty
  • Durr Compressors

    Durr Compressors

    103 products

    Durr Compressors:

    Full range of DURR Dental products in UK by Elexadent Dental Supplies Company offering best price for Durr Dental Suction and Durr Dental Compressors

    The new Durr Dental compressor generation Durr Dental, the inventor of the oil-free dental compressors, presents incredibly quiet and powerful compressors for dental and medical use "Made in Germany".

    • Oil-free, dry, hygienic
    • 10% higher power
    • Antibacterial tank inside coating
    • Low-maintenance thanks to membrane drying unit
  • Metasys Compressors

    Metasys Compressors

    48 products