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    All full range of TKD handpieces has been recently revised and improved. Whether it is a high-speed turbine or a low-speed micromotor, it's pneumatic and electric connections have been simplified and reduced in size to a minimum while increasing efficiency and reliability. Balancing of low-speed and high-speed rotors are now more accurate. The connection of any handpiece for rapid coupling to its supply silicone hose has been rendered smoother and simpler. Control of electric micromotors has been designed to be quieter simpler and extremely precise. Finally, maintenance of all handpieces has been made very simple or even, in a few cases, absolutely unnecessary. All this just help us pursue our object of Simplifying dental motion. Finally, maintenance of all handpieces have been made very simple or even, in a few cases, absolutely unnecessary. All this is just to help you pursue Simplifying and Smoother Operation.