B Futura 17L Sterilizer by Mocom

Dental Sterilizer (17L)

£5,500 £4,400 (+ Vat)



Mocom B Futura (17L)

Futura is an ‘intelligent’ sterilizer by Mocom, destined to be an indispensable work tool. Only years of research and experience can produce such an exceptional result: a high performance, user-friendly product.

Features include:

  • 2 year or 2500 cycle warranty
  • High quality, double headed vacuum pump for faster cycles
  • Touch Screen
  • Delayed Start
  • Track & Traceability
  • USB Documentation
  • Printing
  • Automatic Door Lock
  • Scheduled maintenance alert
  • Built in water test which ensures water is correctly distilled
  • 134°C Universal cycle (including drying) time at 31 minutes

The new B Futura sterilizer offers even faster, excellent performance has an easy to use interface and allows full traceability of each sterilization cycle.


Capacity: 17 Litres
Power Supply: 220/240v (Other voltages available on request)
Mains Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Rated Power: 2300 W (10A)
Water Autonomy: 6 to 10 cycles
Dimensions: 495 x 485 x 600 (WxHxD)
Total Weight: 50kg
Chamber Dimensions: 250 x 350mm (Diam x Depth)
Steel Wire Trays: 3 (288 x 188 x 17mm)

Cycle Times

CycleCycle TypeTime (Mins)
134°C UniversalB28
121°C UniversalB43
134°C Unwrapped HollowS23
134°C Wrapped SolidsS22
134°C PrionB44
Vacuum Test24
Helix/B&D Test20
Vacuum + Helex/B&D Test52

Equipment Provided

1. Ethernet (RJ 45 port)
2. Anti-dust filter
3.  Bacteriological filter
4. LED lighting
5. Trays 5)
6. Tray extractor
7. Tray support

Additional information

Weight60 kg