Elexa Autonomous dental chair

Smart Autonomous Console



Elexa Smart Autonomous Console is a Stand Alone Dental Unit with fully built-in Compressor & Suction assembly. 

No plumbing is required, fully loaded with built-in suction and compressor units. The unit sits side by side to a Tecnodent dental chair of your choice of colour to match the colour of the unit as desired.


1. Floor mounted spittoon unit
2. Assistant table with big and small suction hoses
3. Cuspidor ceramic rotary bowl with rinsing and cup filling electronic control
4. Distilled water system, 2L
5. Halogen Dental lamp EDI or LED as an available option.
6. Pneumatic foot control
7. Delivery table with upper or lower delivery of hoses on pantograph arm with pneumatic brake, including:
– X-ray viewer;
– Control panel to control chair and operation, with adjustment of all dynamic instruments power and ENDO function;
– 3-way syringe DCI;
– One turbine pneumatic line (silicone hose);
– Table with stainless steel tray
8. Patient Chair Sting Special Version (Tecnodent), including:
– Completely electromechanical lifting and movements of backrestprogram to reset to «O» position;
– Foot control on chair base;
– Safety stop on base;
– Safety stop on backrest;
– Flat headrest rotatable in one plane;
– Wide backrest of chair
9. Compressor DK40 with stainless steel tank (5L capacity), condensate separator with filter and automatic condensate drain built in water unit
10. Durr Suction pump with continuous high suction power of 250 I/min at the cannula with bactericidal filter build in water unit
11. Cuspidor valve with selection valve Metasys
12. Container for water (6L) for bowl rinsing and cup filling
13. Secretions container (5L)

  • Floor Space Requirement
Autonomous Unit Dimensions

Autonomous Unit Dimensions

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Weight300 kg