Dental unit GALLANT CART for 6 instruments

Elexa Cart-6 Mobile Dental Unit

£3,350 (+ Vat)



The Elexa Cart-6 Mobile is a Plug & Play Dental Unit

Elexa CART 6 instruments Plug & Play Dental Unit is a mobile unit. Just connect to Air Supply and off you work!


Doctor Table with lower delivery of hoses (maximum 6 instruments), including:
● one 3-way syringe DCI
● one turbine pneumatic line (silicone hose) with Fibre Optic light.
● one Piezoelectric Scaler, 3 inserts
● four free holders with adjustment of angle of inclination of instruments and selection of instruments with optical sensors
● wheel frame with antistatic wheels and arrangements to prevent damage of walls
● unit for air preparation, power unit is built in connection box
● distilled water system, 2 litre container
● control panel to control chair and unit operation with adjustment of all dynamic instruments power and Endo function for electric motor
● pneumatic foot control

● Micromotor MC2 (Optional). £550 Additional Cost

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Weight150 kg
● Micromotor MC2 (Optional)