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GALLANT OMNIPRATIQUE: Excellence in Dental Ergonomics and Functionality

 Key Features

– Ergonomic Design: Optimizes comfort for both patients and dental professionals.

– Patient Care: Enhances patient comfort and safety throughout all procedures.

– Therapeutic Efficiency: Ensures maximum effectiveness of all therapeutic treatments.

– Seamless Interaction: Promotes effective collaboration between the dentist and assistant.


 Chair Options for Enhanced Functionality

– Swivel Armrests: Left and right removable armrests for easy patient access.

– Trendelenburg Function: Synchronously raises legs by 15° while lowering the backrest by 90° to ensure proper blood circulation.

– Additional Programs: Three extra programmable settings for customized chair positioning.

– Soft Foam Upholstery: Option to replace standard upholstery with Soft Foam for added patient comfort.

– Protective Mat: Special mat to protect the seat from damage.


 Superior Patient Positioning with STING Chair

– Soft Foam Upholstery: Provides added comfort for the patient.

– Electromechanical Movements: Fully electromechanical lifting and backrest adjustments.

– Zero Position Reset: Program to reset the chair to the “0” position.

– Spitting Position Program: Convenient positioning for patient spitting.


 Dentist Console

– Upper Delivery System: Includes individually selected instruments, lightweight construction, and pneumatic brake fixation.

– Lower Delivery System: Features angle adjustment for instruments, water amount control, and intuitive placement.

– High-Precision Joystick: Simple and efficient chair control without the use of hands.

– Integrated Control Panels: Manage instruments and chair adjustments effortlessly.


 Cuspidor Unit

– Ceramic Cuspidor: 180° rotation for easy access, with flushing and electronically controlled cup filling functions.

– Ergonomic Access: Designed for optimal comfort for both patient and assistant.


 Assistant Console

– Enhanced Teamwork: Facilitates effective interaction between the dentist and assistant.

– Instrument Capacity: Accommodates up to five instruments for comprehensive care.

– Hygiene System: Features a 2-liter distilled water system with a bayonet connection to minimize cross-contamination.


 Customizable Options

– Dentist Console Variants: Available with upper or lower delivery of hoses, electronic spray regulation, and various micromotor options.

– Patient Chair Models: Choose from ECO NEXT, STING, 2009NEXT, and LINDA NEXT, each offering specific features like armrests, magnetic pillows, and upholstery options.

– Foot Controls: Available in pneumatic and multifunctional variants, including wireless options.

– Dental Lights: FARO MAIA, ALYA, and EVA LED lights with adjustable luminous flux and scialytic effects for optimal illumination.


 Safety and Comfort Features

– Central Valves: For air and water shutdown.

– Communication Systems: Efficient supply systems for seamless operation.

– Soda Separator: Ensures safe and hygienic operations.


 Comprehensive Equipment

– Negatoscope: Integrated for enhanced diagnostic capabilities.

– Emergency Stops: Located on the base and backrest for added safety.

– Multifunctional Foot Control: Controls dental instruments, spray, and power adjustments, including an ENDO mode.


With GALLANT OMNIPRATIQUE, every detail is designed to provide a superior dental care experience, combining ergonomic excellence with advanced functionality. From patient comfort to the dentist’s operational efficiency, GALLANT OMNIPRATIQUE sets the highest standards in dental equipment.

Please refer to options and their prices for the Galit Dental Chair:


Category Option Description Final Adjusted Price (€)
Dentist Console Instruments Replacement of dentist console with standard design dentist -339.14
Pneumatic line without lighting 162.32
Pneumatic line with lighting 207.26
OPTIMA MX2 int (40 programs) micromotor 2386.95
Second OPTIMA MX2 micromotor 1026.08
MX2 LED micromotor 1882.61
Second MX2 LED micromotor 908.70
MCX (1000-40.000 rpm) micromotor 1091.30
Second MCX (1000-40.000 rpm) micromotor 571.02
MCX LED (1000-40.000 rpm) micromotor 1234.78
Second MCX LED (1000-40.000 rpm) micromotor 674.64
Xinetic scaler without light with 3 tips 500.00
FS-433 Е-1 Piezon built-in kit (EMS) 1005.79
FS-367 Kit Piezon LED No Pain (EMS) 1607.26
Newtron F55235 Scaler with LED with 3 tips 1101.45
Mini LED curing lamp for incorporation 557.97
DCI 3 way syringe (for upper delivery of hoses only) 113.77
MINIMATE 3 way syringe 192.03
MC3FP (MYTRONIC) 3 way syringe 213.77
Additional Options for Dentist Console Big table with silicone mat (for upper hoses delivery) 111.61
Big table with silicone mat (for lower hoses delivery) 111.61
Heater for water for dental instruments 273.91
Flushing function for hoses of doctor instruments with electronical spray regulation 147.83
Foot Control Options Pneumatic foot control 127.54
Multifunctional foot control FARO 526.08
Multifunctional foot control FARO wireless 797.10
Separation System Options CAS1 separator Dürr Dental 1794.20
CS1 separator Dürr Dental 736.23
Cattani separator 168.84
Cattani with selective valve separator 272.46
Cuspidor valve Dürr Dental 689.13
Assistant Console Options Assistant console DÜRR DENTAL with big and small suction hoses 413.05
DCI 3 way syringe 113.77
MINIMATE 3 way syringe 192.03
MC3FP (MYTRONIC) 3 way syringe 213.77
Mini LED curing lamp for incorporation 557.97
Dental Light Options FARO MAIA dental LED light 878.99
FARO EVA TW dental LED light 1863.04
FARO EVA Sunlight dental LED light 2522.46
Options for Cuspidor Unit Monitor attachment rotary arm 367.62
Napkin holder 231.17
Water heater for cuspidor cup filler 102.17
On-floor plate for attachment of dental unit and chair 272.46
For Safety and Comfort Central valve of air shutdown 376.81
Central valve of water shutdown 76.82
Soda separator GF 1 for CS 1 DÜRR DENTAL 76.82
Device for flushing Vario DÜRR DENTAL 137.69
Service Lines Distribution box (external supply) 242.75

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