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Elexa by Galit

Item Code: Elexa23-OMNIPRATIQUE

Modern design dentist console with upper or lower delivery of hoses,
– electronic regulation of spray;
– rotary arm with pneumatic brake;
– control panel to control chair and unit operation, with adjustment
of all dynamic instruments power;
– two hands for adjustment dentist console position.
Patient chair ECO NEXT (Tecnodent), including:
– completely electro mechanical movements of backrest;
– program to reset to “0″ position;
– foot control on chair base;
– safety stop on base;
– safety stop on backrest;
– UNI headrest;
– wide backrest of chair.

Dentist console instruments:
Replacement of dentist console with standart design dentist -£633.26
Pneumatic line without lighting £369.64
Pneumatic line with lighting £459.49
OPTIMA MX2 int (40 programs) micromotor £4,821.81
Second OPTIMA MX2 micromotor £2,097.17
MX2 LED micromotor £3,810.22
Second MX2 LED micromotor £1,862.39
MCX (1000-40.000 rpm ) micromotor £2,226.16
Second MCX (1000-40.000 rpm ) micromotor £1,187.03
MCX LED (1000-40.000 rpm ) micromotor £2,511.67
Second MCX LED (1000-40.000 rpm ) micromotor £1,394.28
Xinetic scaler without light with 3 tips £1,045.00
FS-433 Е-1 Piezon built-in kit (EMS) £2,056.59
FS-367 Kit Piezon LED No Pain (EMS) £3,259.49
Newtron F55235 Scaler with LED with 3 tips £2,247.90
Mini LED сuring lamp for incorporation £1,158.04
DCI 3 way syringe (for upper delivery of hoses only) £272.54
MINIMATE 3 way syringe £429.06
MC3FP (MYTRONIC) 3 way syringe £472.54
Additional options for dentist console:
Big table with silicone mat (for upper hoses delivery)
Big table with silicone mat (for lower hoses delivery) £268.19
Heater for water for dental instruments £592.83
Flushing function for hoses of doctor instruments with £340.65
electronical spray regulation £45.00
Foot control options:
Pneumatic foot control
Multifunctional foot control FARO £1,095.72
Multifunctional foot control FARO wireless £1,639.20
Separation system options:
CAS1 separator  Dürr Dental
CS1 separator Dürr Dental £1,517.46
Cattani separator £382.68
Cattani with selective valve separator £591.38
Cuspidor valve Dürr Dental £1,423.26
Assistant console options:
Assistant сonsole DÜRR DENTAL with big and small suction hoses
DCI 3 way syringe £272.54
MINIMATE 3 way syringe £429.06
MC3FP (MYTRONIC) 3 way syringe £472.54
Mini LED сuring lamp for incorporation £1,158.04
Dental light options:
FARO MAIA dental LED light
FARO EVA TW dental LED light £3,768.19
FARO EVA Sunlight dental LED light £5,089.93
Options for cuspidor unit:
Monitor attachment rotory arm
Napkin holder £249.35
Water heater for cuspidor cup filler £591.38
On-floor plate for attachment of dental unit and chair £798.62
For safety and comfort:
Central valve of air shutdown
Central valve of water shutdown £198.62
Soda separator GF 1 for CS 1 DÜRR DENTAL £320.36
Device for flushing Vario DÜRR DENTAL £530.51
Service lines:
Distribution box (external supply)
Otions for Patient Chair:
Replacement of chair ЕCО NEXT by chair STING
Replacement of chair ЕCО NEXT by chair 2009NEXT £1,594.28
Replacement of chair ЕCО NEXT by chair LINDANEXT £3,831.96
Otions for ECO NEXT:
Left rotary detachable armrest
Right rotary detachable armrest £308.77
Magnetic pillow type “C95” £255.14
Trendelenburg Function £278.33
Additional three programs for chair £168.19
Replacing the armchair upholstery on SOFT FORM £1,010.22
Seat matt £175.43

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