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Elexa by Galit

Item Code: Elexa23-ORTHODONTIC

Orthodontic is the universal dental unit. Ergonomic design, usage of only high quality
materials and reliable components of well-known manufacturers ensure effective functionality
of the dental unit.

Hanging water unit.

Cuspidor ceramic rotary bowl with rinsing and cup filling electronic control.

Distilled water system (2 l.) switchable with city water;

Patient chair STING (Tecnodent), including:
– completely electro mechanical lifting and movements
of backrest;
– program to reset to “0″ position;
– foot control on chair base;
– safety stop on base;
– safety stop on backrest;
– UNI headrest;
– wide backrest of chair.
-Pneumatic foot control

Included in this package price
-DCI 3 way syringe
-FARO MAIA dental LED light
-Right rotary detachable armrest
-Xinetic scaler without light with 3 tips
-Pneumatic line without lighting (silicone hose)
-Pneumatic line with lighting (silicone hose)

Foot control options:
Multifunctional foot control FARO £1,095.72
Multifunctional foot control FARO wireless £1,639.20
Separation system options:
CAS1 separator  Dürr Dental £3,634.86
CS1 separator Dürr Dental £1,517.46
Cuspidor valve Dürr Dental £1,423.26
Assistant console instruments:
Assistant сonsole DÜRR DENTAL with big and small suction hoses £871.09
MCX (1000-40.000 rpm ) micromotor £2,445.00
Second MCX (1000-40.000 rpm ) micromotor £1,302.97
MCX LED (1000-40.000 rpm ) micromotor £2,758.04
Second MCX LED (1000-40.000 rpm ) micromotor £1,529.06
Xinetic scaler without light with 3 tips £1,145.00
FS-433 Е-1 Piezon built-in kit (EMS) £2,075.43
FS-367 Kit Piezon LED No Pain (EMS) £3,581.23
Newtron F55235 Scaler with LED with 3 tips £2,468.19
Mini LED сuring lamp for incorporation £1,158.04
MINIMATE 3 way syringe £429.06
MC3FP (MYTRONIC) 3 way syringe £472.54
Dental light options:
FARO EVA TW dental LED light £3,768.19
FARO EVA Sunlight dental LED light £5,089.93
Options for cuspidor unit:
Monitor attachment rotory arm £507.32
Napkin holder £249.35
Big table with pantograph arm FARO £1,691.38
Water heater for cuspidor cup filler £591.38
On-floor plate for attachment of dental unit and chair £798.62

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Weight 250 kg


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