Elexa Mobile Aspina Dental Suction Unit

Elexa Plug-n-Play Aspina Suction

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Elexa Aspina Plug-n-Play Aspina Suction Dental Suction Unit

This is a Stand Alone Mobile Plug & Play Suction Unit. Equipped with a Rotating Cuspidor and Durr Suction Manifold.

Great for Emergency Dental Surgery or surgeries that have difficulty with new plumbing.

This unit has a self contained powerful suction pump by Durr Dental, so there is no mistaking the quality of suction this unit has to offer.

All amalgam is separated and the disposed liquid is gathered in a 5L container.


  1. Metal soundproof casing on casters for easy movements with integrated suction motor and bactericidal filter.
  2. Assistant table with a rotating arm and independent channel of saliva ejector and 5L collection container.
  3. Rotating ceramic cuspidor with both left and right movements with cup filler and bowl rinsing capabilities.
  4. Integrated 4L Distilled water system for cuspidor
  5. Built-in Metasys Spittoon Valve to regulate both spittoon and suction hoses.


  1. Water Heater
  2. Durr Manifold


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