Elexa Smart 15 Ambidextrous

Elexa Smart Ambidextrous



Elexa Smart Ambidextrous is the solution for both left or right handed dentists

This package also offers the full range of options available in both the economy and premium dental chairs

The Elexa Smart Ambidextrous is Elexadent’s UK recognised brand for quality and best value dental Ambidextrous unit on the market today.

This is because it is a fully integrated unit packed with the highest level of qualified fully European manufactured components such as Durr, Metasys, Medtronic and Faro which makes the full package stand out in the dental chairs market today for its highest quality at best value and function.

At the centre of it’s design the Smart Ambidextrous has a Sting dental chair manufactured by Tecnodent (Italy).

This package boasts an articulated arms arrangement with turning ceramic spittoon, wash and mouth rinse cup filler arm, high and low suction saliva ejector on assitant arm, 2L water cleaning system, LED or EDI lamp by Faro – Italy and Sting dental chair by Tecnodent

Smart Ambidextrous Dental Package comprise:

  • Patient Chair Sting, Basic Version (Tecnodent), including:
    – Completely electromechanical lifting and backrest movements;
    – Program to reset to «0» position; program for resting position;
    – Foot-control on chair base;
    – Emergency stop on base;
    – Emergency stop on backrest;
    – UNI headrest with double articulation;
    – Wide chair backrestAssistant Table, including:
    – Swivel arm with independent saliva ejector, with a possibility to be moveable to left/right side of chair
  • Cuspidor Unit, including:
    – Ceramic cuspidor with bowl rinsing and cup filler on a rotating arm for movement to left/right side of chair
  • Delivery Table, including:
    – Upper or Lower hoses delivery on a pantograph arm, with pneumatic brake, with the possibility to be moved to either chair right or left side;
    – X-ray viewer;
    – Control panel to control all adjustments of power of all dynamic instruments and ENDO function;
    – 3-way syringe DCI;
    – One turbine pneumatic line (silicone hose); pneumatic foot control
  • Dental Halogen Lamp EDI on a rotary arm for movement to either chair left or right side