Elexa Smart 15 X-ray Dental Chair with Interoral X-ray

Elexa Smart X-ray



The Elexa Smart X-ray is Elexadent’s solution for a fully packed dental unit with a built-in X-ray unit for the tightly spaced dental surgery.

It boasts a well recognised and best rated dental unit for dental professionals on the market today. It has a chair side 70 KVp Digital X-ray unit by CSN Industrie (Italy) with a Toshiba X-ray tube head.

The dental Unit is floor mounted for high stability and comprises high quality package European design and components. At the centre of this design is a Sting dental chair by Tecnodent (Italy).

This makes the full package stand out in the premium dental solution market for its highest quality at best design superiority for the professional dentist.

Standard Specifications:

1st turbine pneumatic line with fibre optic light
2nd turbine pneumatic line
3-way syringe DCI
Hanging or Continental Type Delivery of Hoses.
X-Ray Film Viewer
Control panel for chair, instruments power, ENDO function and spittoon unit
Cuspidor ceramic bowl with rinsing and cup filling electronic control
Distilled water system, 2 litres
Cuspidor Valve plus Selection Valve
Dental Halogen EDI Faro lamp (Upgradable to LED)
Pneumatic foot control
Sting Tecnodent Seat. All colours available
Completely electromechanical lifting and movements of backrest
Program to reset to “0” position
Program for rinse position
Dual foot control on chair base
Safety stop on base
Safety stop on backrest
Flat headrest rotatable in one plane
Standard backrest of chair

70 KVp Digital X-ray unit by CSN Industrie (Italy) built on a moveable arm.