Libra Dental Unit Wheel Chair Lifted

LIBRA Dental Chair

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LIBRA OMS Dental Unit

The Libra Dental Chair is the result of 55 years of experience, technology and avant-garde materials deployed in this Italian design.

The Libra Unit can be used as a Bariatric Dental Chair or to facilitate the Mobility Impaired Patients to complete their dental treatments safely and swiftly.

The step design makes it easier and quicker to lift any kind of manual or electric wheelchair. The design of the Libra dental unit provides the best possible access to the dental unit in order to complete any type of dental treatment.

The Libra unit adds another possibility of treating all types of patients includinghandicapped patients. Just wheel the chair unit in and out as necessary for the type of patient you receive in your surgery for both able and disabled patients alike.

Libra Dental Unit includes:

PLUS Dental Unit,



This package does not include the wheelchair.

The Libra is a Dental Unit fit for all types of dental patients including Bariatric or Mobility Impaired.