Meta Air70

META Air 70 Dental Compressor



META Air 70


Compressor for 1 treatment unit

Order Numbers:

0302 0001 META Air 70 Light
0302 0002 META Air 70
0302 0101 META Air 70 Light with cover
0302 0102 META Air 70 with cover

METASYS compressors provide maximum quality and clinical standards at a reasonable price. The innovative piston and motor technology ensures low noise operation and steady build-up of pressure. The inner tank coating is applied using components that ensure the best possible preservation of the air reserves. The compressor can be ordered with an optional sound insulation cover if additional noise reduction is required.

All the models of the META Air/META CAM compressor line operate completely without oil and are equipped with a membrane dryer and a double filtration system (except Light models). These ensure that the compressed air supplied is absolutely dry and hygienic. An additional operating hour meter ensures the exact definition of maintenance intervals.

METASYS compressors are manufactured and approved in compliance with EU directives as well as with statutory regulations applicable in the individual countries.

Technical data

    • META AIR 70:
      • Membrane dryer, thermal protection, double filtration system
      • Antibacterial inner tank, operating hours meter, low noise operation
      • Delivery rate: 78 l/min
      • Pressure range of 5-7 bar