METASYS SCIROCCO New Dental Compressor

METASYS SCIROCCO New Dental Compressor



SCIROCCO New: Compressor for 2-3 treatment units

METASYS compressors are manufactured and licensed according to the EU guidelines and the legal regulations which apply in the individual countries.

Its innovative stroke and engine technologies guarantee a silent and continuous pressure build-up. 3 step drying and filtration processes with a condensation separator, drying column and sterile filter provide absolutely dry and low bio burden compressed air.

The inside of the tank is coated with components which guarantee the best possible maintenance of the air reserves.

METASYS compressors operate absolutely oil-free and are standardly fitted with an hour meter. This device helps to define servicing intervals and thus even more reliability.

Technical data

  • Tank capacity in l 30
  • Output of electrical motor in kW 1.5
  • Rate of delivery in l/min 130
  • Other equipment which can be operated simultaneously 2-3
  • Dimensions in cm (WxDxH) 680x450x660 mm
  • Power supply V AC 230
  • Frequency in Hz 50
  • Pressure range in bar 6-8