Noblesse Curing Light

Noblesse Curing Light

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The Noblesse Dental Curing Light by Maxview has the latest advancement in curing light technology when compared with its peers.

It features the ability to collimate the curing light by using a special lens and rotating head as well as illuminating the oral cavity with white LED light. Users also express amazement by the speed of curing that they experience with their patients not having to keep their mouth open for a long time.

It can emit with over 3,000 mW/cm2 and depending on user preference the unit is quite easily customizable with set programs.

Furthermore, the case of this dental curing light is made from Aluminium for best product durability. The display is clearly designed with the integration of OLED inside this metal case.

The unit has high battery capacity (2600 mAH) so that it could be recharged once every two weeks.

Integration with Special LENS 

Equal power distribution at edges

The concentrated LED light focuses the beam evenly which makes it just as powerful at the edges as it is in the centre thereby reducing differential shrinkage

Powerful parallel light beam –even at a distance

Xtra power : 2700~3000mw/cm2
High power :1500~1600mw/cm2
Standard power:1000~1200mw/cm2


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