PTS 120 Durr Power Tower Silence



PTS 120 Compressors Cabinet by Durr

PTS 120 – Combining compressed air and suction in a single unit

The Power Tower PTS 120 combines compressed air and suction in one compact housing – it contains the complete supply of the treatment unit on a compact installation surface of only 0.3 m².

The solid metal construction and aesthetic covering meet the highest demands in design and blend in with different interior designs.

The connection to the supply lines of the treatment unit is done at one central port. This facilitates planning and installation considerably.

Further aspects:

  • Complete surgery supply within a height of 120 cm
  • Compact installation surface of only 0.3 m²
  • Ideal for any installation site, with a noise level of only 54 dB(a)
  • Quality “made in Germany”, reliable and low in maintenance
  • Fits aesthetically into the surgery
  • Modular construction, with variable equipment

Part of the Durr Dental Range