SANY Air & Surfaces Sanitisation Unit

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SANY AIR Sanitizer Gun by NARDI

  • Sanitize: Get rid of Bacteria and Viruses
  • Light Weight: Easy to handle
  • Disinfect: Home & Work surfaces
  • Dry Nebulization: Harmless to electronic equipment

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NARDI Compressori, For over 50 years NARDI COMPRESSORI has been one of the top manufacturers of INDUSTRIAL and MEDICAL COMPRESSORS in Italy, and now a staunch ally in the fight against environment infections.


SANY AIR, compact and handy with an ultra-dry nebulizer combined with a sanitizer or disinfectant to be used anywhere, on electronic devices, computers, phones, textiles, furniture, sanitary ware, etc…

After cleaning all you have to do is to sanitize with SANY AIR with the surfaces disinfector, a simple process for an accurate DISINFECTION and you can be sure that your home or work place have been perfectly sanitized.

SANITATION PROTOCOL:During cleaning with chemical products make sure that there is a good ventilation in the room. When using chemical products you must always wear disposable gloves and mask.Clean and sanitize carefully all surfaces which are frequently touched, such as walls, doors, windows, WC surfaces as well as all sanitary ware.

Areas for special attention:WC Areas: sanitize sanitary ware, floors, tiles, taps, push-buttons, drains, dispensers.Office Areas: sanitize all work surfaces, desks, furniture handles, door handles, tables counters, seat armrests, light switches, lift push-button panels, intercoms including push-button panels of any device such as computers, printers, copiers, telephones, etc.Waiting Rooms: rest-room areas, appliances, counters, vending machines for drinks and food, etc. Hospital Rooms: sanitize all infirmary areas including wall coverings, doors, furniture handles, armrests seats and beds.OPERATING PRINCIPLES:1) Contaminated Environment:The initial condition sees the presence of bacteria and viruses within the environment to be treated.Nebulization Intervention: With the nebulization intervention, huge quantities of micro-particles with sizes ranging from 0.3 to 0.5 microns are sprayed, exponentially increasing the contact surface and expanding the disinfection effect; reducing the consumption of the disinfectant for a perfect and always results in optimal microbial ejection. 2) Decontaminated Environment:The small size of the disinfectant components increases the bactericidal and virucidal effect by one million times destroying the membranes of the bacteria and inhibiting the bacterium itself from regenerating itself. The treatment does not generate formation of volatile organic compounds and its degradation is greater than 99.99% in a short time (10 min)

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