DASK – Dentium Advanced Sinus Kit

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DASK – Dentium Advanced Sinus Kit

Item Code: Dentium22-DASK

DASK Dentium Advanced Sinus Kit Components

The DASK kit specifically is a surgical kit designed for sinus lifting procedures, which includes instruments such as drills, curettes, and elevators used to access and lift the sinus membrane for implant placement in both anterior and posterior maxilla. The kit may also include grafting materials and membranes used to support the augmentation of the sinus floor.

DASK Drills:

XRT 33 20 35
XRT 37 20 35
XED 33 10 35 D
XRT 06 40 25
XRT 08 40 25
XST 08 30 25

※Note: Drill speed 800 to 1,200rpm, 30~45N·cm with irrigation


Advantages of DASK:

  1. Versatility:

– DASK is an all-in-one kit designed for various sinus lifting techniques, offering unparalleled versatility.

– Perform a wide range of sinus lifting procedures with confidence and precision.

  1. Comprehensive Toolset:

– Benefit from a comprehensive range of drills, safety stoppers, and elevating instruments.

– The kit ensures you have the right tools at your disposal for every step of the procedure.

  1. Simple & Easy Access:

– Enjoy simplified and easy access to the sinus cavity, streamlining your workflow.

– Navigate sinus lifting procedures with enhanced ease, reducing procedural complexities.

  1. Broad Exposure of Bony Walls:

– DASK provides a broad exposure of bony walls, facilitated by specially crafted instruments.

– Achieve optimal visibility and access to critical areas, enhancing the overall success of sinus lifting.

  1. Precision in Technique:

– Experience precision in every sinus lifting technique with tools designed for accuracy.

– Elevate your procedural outcomes and patient satisfaction with Dentium’s commitment to excellence.

Why DASK is the Gold Standard:

DASK is more than just a kit; it’s a symbol of excellence in sinus lifting. Here’s why it stands out:

– Innovation: DASK represents the pinnacle of innovation, incorporating the latest advancements in sinus lifting technology.

– Reliability: Built by Dentium, a trusted name in the dental industry, DASK reflects the reliability and quality associated with our brand.

– Efficiency: Enhance your procedural efficiency with a thoughtfully curated kit that streamlines sinus lifting processes.

– Training and Support: Access comprehensive training materials and ongoing support to ensure you harness the full potential of DASK.

Elevate your practice, embrace innovation, and set a new standard in sinus lifting with Dentium’s Advanced Sinus Kit.

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