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What to look for when buying a dental chair

What to look for when Buying a New Dental Chair?

Before purchasing your next brand new dental chair ask yourself these questions:

Why am I replacing my old chair? Is it because I am now looking for a trouble-free new life? or just looking to replace it with a well-known brand that, because it is popular, I am willing to pay more for it?  

We know all dental chairs lift the patients up and down, forward and backwards but what are the features that really make the difference when choosing your new dental chair?

Questions you should get answers for before buying:

  1. What are the features that are necessary for the treatments I am planning to deliver to my patients?
  2. What features of the new dental chair will save me time during these treatments?
  3. What features would save me money at the point of purchase as well as the long run?
  4. Would keeping the features simple make the chair cost less to maintain?
  5. Are the spare parts readily available from an open source market of well-known OEM dental suppliers or are they exclusive to this brand?
  6. Did the manufacturer make every effort in reducing the cost of manufacture while not compromising on quality?

“Or are you paying more for a brand name hoping it answers these questions?”

Elexa® is a UK based brand of dental chairs that is the result of hard work spent in producing a range of dental chairs that answers all these questions. It’s low-cost manufacturing base in Europe while deploying the highest quality of OEM dental components has earned its brand the highest regard amongst dental professionals who now enjoy highest quality products at the best possible price tag.

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