Dental Technology

Patient Management Software

iSmile is a simple and easy to use practice management system which helps dentists to manage their practice and patients efficiently, accurately and smartly.


Patient Management.
Managing your patients is made simple through iSmile’s centralised patient module. A user-friendly menu system combined with mouse point and click functionality supports users to maintain patient information, dental charts, financial statements, appointments, communications and important alerts.
iSmile’s extensive dental charting includes the capability to add (and customise) pre-defined clinical notes via mouse click thus saving extensive time used while typing. Furthermore simple drag and drop functionality facilitates users to plan a course of treatments and spread them over a number of plans and a period of time.

Diary Management.
iSmile’s proprietary diary functions give users clear views on the day, week or month. A mini summary day view allows users to view their day at a glance and interacts with the main calendar allowing for easy and quick navigation. Linked to the patient module via iNote, the diary automatically picks up information for patients who require appointments.
Drag and drop appointments effortlessly in iSmile. Higher level week and month views are available, aimed at allowing users to maximise on downtime. With advanced features such as group, family and multiple bookings, iSmile’s diary function is well equipped to help you save time and effort.

NHS Claims.
iSmile is fully accredited by the NHS for processing FP17 claims. It’s unique Inbox/Outbox allows users to easily monitor claims that have been sent, are pending approval and approved claims. Each user is able to monitor and control their own claims in their personal Inbox/Outbox while practice owners have an overview of everyone’s UDA position.
The UDA monitor automatically processes data from Schedule files received from the NHS and displays the data in a month by month breakdown. UDA statistics inform users of their progress during their contract period, and practice owners can set how much UDA information is available to each user.

Surgery Management.
iSmile has a vast array of management tools, which allow the user to manage staff and practice tasks efficiently. Daily revenue generated is displayed in a simple and clear format allowing the user to view sales, expenditure, net and bankable amounts.
To help you manage your staff, iSmile incorporates timesheet and task tracking capabilities. Furthermore users can post news items such as staff rotas in the news bulletin section for all staff to view.

Surgery Live & iNote.
Surgery Live informs appropriate users when patients have arrived at the practice, listing them and allowing you to track their progress throughout their time at the practice. Linked to the patient module, users can jump to a patient’s record to carry out any work without having to search for them manually.
iNote automatically alerts you to any outstanding issues when a patient’s file is opened such as missed appointments, outstanding payments and medical alerts. Furthermore it works as an integral part of treatment plans and the diary, sitting between the different screens as a bridge where you can leave instructions for other users to carry out tasks such as booking appointments as per scheduled treatments. Thus via iNote your staff will never lose or miss any important information concerning your patients.

Reporting Tools.
Part of effectively managing a dental practice involves the responsibility of gathering data and drawing out valuable information. iSmile handles this by offering a wide range of reporting tools to help you produce detailed patient and practice information. From treatment plan history and patient statements to patient recall lists and surgery finance, iSmile reports cover the issues which matter to practice managers in a comprehensive manner.
The unique Outstanding Finance report is an extremely powerful and interactive means by which users can very easily sort information via drag and drop functionality. Users can list which clinicians are owed money by which patients, the amount they are owed and how long amounts have been outstanding; all and more from one simple screen.

Text Messaging.
Linked to the automated patient recall alerts, a text messaging capability allows users to send multiple SMS’s to patients who are due recalls via the single click of a mouse button.
Furthermore SMS’s can be sent using patient lists generated by iSmile for marketing purposes. This in turn provides a considerable saving for the practice, when you compare the average cost of an SMS against the cost of sending a postcard appointment reminder.