Axiom® concept by Anthogyr

The Axiom® concept presents all the technical characteristics enabling the integrity of the peri-implant biological space to be preserved and promoting an optimal aesthetic result, by incorporating a significant biomechanical resistance.

The flexibility, the comprehensive surgical and prosthetic range of Axiom® allow it to be used in a wide range of clinical indications:

Axiom® REG: designed for most clinical indications and for most practitioners

Axiom® 2.8 for restricted mesiodistal space for the incisor sector

Axiom® PX for the indications of immediate post-extraction implant placement and low-density bone.

The Axiom® range thus becomes a global concept and allows a response adapted to all clinical situations to be found.

Axiom®, 1 global concept, 1 truly comprehensive range, 3 complementary options!

The following design features are common to all 3 implants:


  • Conical, strong and tight seal connection
  • "Platform switching"
  • Effective stimulation of bone
  • Sandblasted threaded neck
  • Grade V titanium (FDA approved, ASTM B34808)
  • BCP® osteoconductive surface

    Axiom® REG and Axiom® PX, 1 concept for even more freedom!

  • 1 single connection for Axiom® PX and Axiom ® REG implants: 1 common prosthetic platform
  • 1 common and comprehensive prosthetic range: wide choice of emergence profiles and prosthetic solutions, constant emergence profile
  • 1 single surgical kit for Axiom® REG and PX implants: common instrumentation for more simplicity and user-friendliness, specific drilling protocol to each Axiom® REG and Axiom® PX implant, high intraoperative flexibility with possibility to choose the implant according to the clinical situation and ergonomic kit


New Implant Packaging! Innovative, simple, and reliable packaging. New!


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