Elexa® Dental Units

Elexa® Dental Chairs are our brand of dental chairs designed and registered in the UK, manufactured in Europe.

Elexa® is a Specialist Dental Equipment (UK) Brand Offering:

– Top Quality Promise
– Excellent Pricing
– Fast Responsiveness
– Resilient After Sales Team
– Constantly Innovative
– Advancing Leadership

Elexa® utilises the best in European components, design and manufacturing capabilities while offering an economical solution which meets the UK Dentists high standards of expectations.

  • Elexa Dental Chairs

    Elexa Dental Chairs

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    Elexa® Dental Chairs Elexa® is the dental brand name of dental units owned and registered by Elexadent and manufactured in Europe.
  • Elexa Mobile

    Elexa Mobile

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    Elexa Mobile

    These are Elexadent's solutions for the mobile dentists and those who face space saving or plumbing difficulties at their surgeries.